The AIM system takes a certain amount of involvement from the top, and you’re going to want to invest in it to get the results you expect. It’s not something you can throw to the showroom, add to the showroom, or dictate that it’s suddenly being done. It takes involvement from the top to truly integrate. With that involvement, I can imagine you seeing instant results and planning for the obvious future where our industry is going.

– Mike Sullivan, Owner of LA Car Guy Auto Group, Los Angeles CA

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We have been a partner with AIM this last year, and they’ve been a great partner to have, and I would recommend them to any dealership or auto group that doesn’t feel they have full control of their Sales process, and the results and the outcome that they’re looking for.

– Scott Dickinson, VP of Browning Auto Group,Los Angeles CA

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Since launching our partnership with AIM, our closing ratio on sales business has doubled to over 16%, and our store has gone from #41 to #17 in national sales rank. Our ROI has gone up, and our cost per sale has gone down. I know what is happening with every lead that comes into my store – I don’t need a Save-A-Deal meeting anymore. Most importantly, the AIM process gives me accurate, detailed, and complete metrics that I can see in real-time to gauge my progress and make corrections instantly – not wait until the end of the month to figure out what went wrong. It allows me to determine who on my staff is working leads properly and who isn’t. The numbers don’t lie. AIM designed a process that uniquely measures the data your sales leads provide and teaches you how to use that data to convert leads into sales.

Bill and AIM are an exciting and effective company. They produce results now, and they see where our business is heading in the future. The AIM process and partnership are a part of our store’s DNA. I can’t afford for it not to be.

Please feel free to call or email me if you would like to discuss Bill, AIM, or the amazing results they are helping us achieve in our store.

– Butch Otey, GM of Lindsay Volkswagen of Dulles, Sterling VA

Hi, I’m Greg Connor, Vice President of McKenna Automotive Group. My dealership was challenged with the sales: lack of selling cars with sales with zero processes in place and zero accountability. What I’ve noticed is the floor traffic in our showrooms has pretty much gone to nothing. We needed to get a process in place that allowed the virtual showroom, which is sales and the sales, to allow us to sell cars. AIM has provided that for us. I come to work daily, feeling comfortable that we are being proactive. We are bringing customers in through the AIM process.

AIM’s approach is to provide accountability for my sales associates and the management staff – provide feedback to myself, as to who is and is not doing their job. The AIM team has completely grasped my dealership and worked as true partners. They work with all of the sales staff; all of the managers. They’ve become a part of the dealership. They know their business: they’ve taught our sales department what it is to sell cars off the sales and sales. Their approach was to come in hard, provide training, provide accountability. I believe that management within dealerships will not keep processes consistent and in place without assistance and accountability.

– Greg Connor, Vice President of McKenna Automotive Group
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