eCommerce Process, Training and Accountability with Guaranteed Results!

Automotive Internet Management utilizes an effective, logical process for lead management, provides a simplified structure within your software so Managers can focus on what needs their attention, and analyzes ROI from all of your digital marketing vendors. Our DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY for the entire Process ensures every lead is handled as if the Prospect was standing on the show floor. We don’t just increase Closing Ratio or sales – we sell more cars while increasing gross profits.

YOUR DEALERSHIP IS ALREADY A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS. WE ARE HERE TO HELP TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Sometimes being too close to a business system makes it harder to see areas of concern. We help you discover where the weak points are in your eCommerce business, install a solution and implement the improved process with training and support. We simplify and improve your Internet lead management software.

Today, Internet leads are the most cost-effective way of bringing people to the showroom floor. Your eCommerce process determines how successful you will be in making money from those leads. Usually, lack of a proper process (or lack of accountability to a good process) robs the return from the investment of getting leads.  Many Dealers think that buying more leads or different leads will solve the problem when in fact it is process and accountability that nets results and profits.

Dealership Regional Exclusivity: For each one of our clients, we give them regional exclusivity of approximately a 50-100 mile radius (depending on the density of people in their region). What this means, is that our process and accountability monitoring maximizes capturing your dealership’s e-commerce prospects within your region. For example, if we were partnered with your Toyota Dealership, we would not partner with any Toyota Dealership within a 50-100 mile radius. We want our clients to cash in on capturing the maximum e-commerce prospects within their area and would not have two dealerships with the same make (i.e. Toyota) competing for prospects in same area. Our clients who are in compliance maximizing our process know that they would not want their competitor nearby having this process; we understand that and protect the success of our clients with this regional exclusivity.